Music from The Sacred Harp is being embraced my artists from a wide range of traditions. The links below are a small sample.

Tim Eriksen has recorded many Sacred Harp tunes. He consulted on the music for the movie Cold Mountain. The recording below is Garden Hymn.

In July 2015 the Ephemeral Stringband recorded 378b Never Turn Back. They have recorded numerous Sacred Harp tunes.

Bruce Sprinsteen’s 2012 song Death to My Hometown samples a recording of the The Last Words of Copernicus from the 1959 United convention at Corinth Baptist Church in Fyffe, Alabama.

The song Do Not I Love Thee was featured in the 2012 movie Lawless.  [Don’t panic – the foot washing tradition is not actively practiced in Australian Sacred Harp singings).

In 2009, Perkins in Dearland performed Weeping Mary. In 2008 they recorded a cover of Weeping Pilgrim for Awake My Soul, Help Me to Sing the soundtrack to the movie Awake My Soul.

The songs I’m Going Home and Idumea (the score for the horrific battle scene at Petersburg, Va.), became pivotal parts of the 2004 movie Cold Mountain (which starred Nicole Kidman).

The Roswell Sacred Harp Quartet singing Weeping Mary provides the background to a scene in The Ladykillers, a 2004 American black comedy thriller directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.

Natalie Merchant’s acoustic album The House Carpenter’s Daughter includes a rendition of Weeping Pilgrim. The recording below is from 2014.