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Quote note

“My music teacher offered twittering madrigals and something about how, in Italy, in Italy, the oranges hang on the tree. He treated me – the humiliation of it – as a soprano.

These, by contrast, are the six elements of a Sacred Harp alto: rage, darkness, motherhood, earth, malice, and sex. Once you feel it, you can always do it. You know where to go for it, though it will cost you.”
Mary Rose O’Reilley, The Barn at the End of the World: The Apprenticeship of a Quaker, Buddhist Shepherd

Welcome to the Australian Sacred Harp community


We’re excitedly working towards this becoming a portal for information about singing Sacred Harp and other sources of shape note music in Australia.

If you are coordinating singings in Australia and would like to include your information, or  if you would like more information please contact Elaena Gardner.

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